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Introducing our 3D printed Rattlesnake custom figure, a striking piece for reptile enthusiasts and nature lovers. Carefully crafted to capture the essence of this iconic serpent, our figurine showcases the distinctive features of a rattlesnake, complete with its signature rattling tail. Available in various sizes upon request, it makes for a unique and captivating addition to shelves, desks, or display cases. Explore the fascinating world of these fascinating creatures with this remarkable 3D printed masterpiece!

Rattlesnake Snake 3D Printed Figure

    • Available on Request
    • Available Sizes: Custom sizes available upon request
    • Material: Resin

Ratan Tiwari, Lucknow

"Ram Darbar Murti ne hamare ghar mein shaanti bhar di hai. Beautiful craftsmanship, aur woh white marble ka touch, bilkul dil ko choo gaya!"
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