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Introducing our 3D printed Wild Cat Pendant collection, featuring the majestic Lion, the sleek Leopard, and the fierce Cheetah. These intricately designed pendants capture the essence of these magnificent big cats, showcasing their unique characteristics.

  • The Lion Pendant: Crafted to depict the regal Lion, this pendant exudes strength and courage. Wear it as a symbol of bravery and majesty.

  • The Leopard Pendant: With its graceful spots and fierce gaze, the Leopard Pendant embodies agility and stealth. Let it adorn your neck as a symbol of quick thinking and adaptability.

  • The Cheetah Pendant: Known for its unmatched speed, the Cheetah Pendant represents swiftness and precision. Wear it to inspire a sense of determination and focus.

These pendants are available in various materials and finishes, allowing you to choose the one that suits your style. Whether you're a fan of big cats or simply appreciate their symbolism, our Wild Cat Pendants make for striking and meaningful accessories.

Pendant Wild Cat Lion Leopard

    • Available on Request
    • Available Sizes: Custom sizes available upon request
    • Material: Resin

Ratan Tiwari, Lucknow

"Ram Darbar Murti ne hamare ghar mein shaanti bhar di hai. Beautiful craftsmanship, aur woh white marble ka touch, bilkul dil ko choo gaya!"
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